B² Basic Ceramic

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Nominal heat output:
without catalytic converter 8,5 kW

Depth / Width / Height: 49,0 x 46,0 x 158 cm

Depth of combustion chamber: 37,0 cm
Diametre exhaust gas nozzle: 15 cm
Hight centre exhaust gas nozzle backside ca. 146,5 cm
Height centre air supply: ca. 36 cm 

All technical specification

Main features and design

  • Balance between convection and radiation heat
  • Nominal heat output of 8.5 kW
  • Efficiency factor of 79 percent
  • Side-covers in steel or ceramic (ribbed or smooth and in different colours)
  • Two visually identical ceramic versions: B2 Keramik and B2 Keramik+(85 kg storage ceramic stores heat for up to five hours)
  • Modest space requirements through compact dimensions
  • Flue connection either at the rear or on the top
  • Four height adjusters for levelling the stove on uneven floorsFunction and quality – Made in Germany
  • Self-closing door with large viewing window
  • Effective integrated window washing system
  • Intuitive control of the fire using a precisely coordinated inflow of air
  • Double grate and ash pan
  • Fire box lining of high-quality vermiculite
  • Potential wear parts can be replaced even after years if necessary
  • Warranty extension (total 5 years) to the stove body on registering the productThe B2 Basic complies with the directives of the regulations for small and medium-sized firing systems of the German Federal Emissions Control