The B² impresses with its straight, elegant design. Its small footprint makes the use possible even in the smallest space.

Quality of Bullerjan – Made in Germany.

Equipment variants: steel, especially from the award-winning designer Sebastian Herkner selected ceramics with smooth and structured surface as well as – also designed by Sebastian Herkner – a beautiful and functional metal bench – see below.

The B² Type 1 with its combination of extremely low CO and particulate matter values is currently at the forefront of environ-mental sustainability in the sectory.

Even the basic model B² model 2014 without catalytic converter achieves the necessary emission requirements in Germany and Europe without problems.

The Highlights

Main features and design
  • Balance between convection and radiation heat
  • Nominal heat output of 7 to 7.5 kW with a catalytic converter and 8.5 kW without
  • Extremely clean combustion with a catalytic converter (5 mg/m³ particles at 5 kW)
  • Efficiency factor of 81 percent with catalytic converter and 79 percent without
  • Side-covers in steel or ceramic (ribbed or smooth and in different colours)
  • Two visually identical ceramic versions: B² Keramik and B² Keramik+ (85 kg storage ceramic stores heat for up to five hours)
  • Modest space requirements through compact dimensions
  • Flue connection either at the rear or on the top
  • Four height adjusters for levelling the stove on uneven floors


Function and quality – Made in Germany
  • Self-closing door with large viewing window
  • Effective integrated window washing system
  • Intuitive control of the fire using a precisely coordinated inflow of air
  • Double grate and ash pan
  • Fire box lining of high-quality vermiculite
  • Potential wear parts can be replaced even after years if necessary
  • Warranty extension (total 5 years) to the stove body on registering the product
  • Comprehensive service offering by the Bullerjan specialist dealers or Bullerjan customer service

Confirmed by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

The DBU (The German Federal Foundation for the Environment) describes the B² as being so clean that it outperforms the strict emission requirements of the prestigious “Blue Angel” ecolabel, which is set up by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. This ecolabel is however only awarded for pellet stoves, as the quality of fuel burned by the user can be controlled.

The B² steel bench by Sebastian Herkner

In addition, we offer a sturdy steel bench which has also been developed by Sebastian Herkner. It serves as an alternative stand for the B² and provides a warm comfortable seat. If you wish, the bench can be equipped with a handy wood storage box. The result is an astoundingly light-looking, multi-functional piece of furniture which gives you a great view of the lovely, clean-burning flames of the B².

ModelB² Typ 1
with catalytic converter
B² Typ 1
with catalytic converter
B² Typ 1
with catalytic converter
B² Modell 2014
without catalytic converter
Nominal heat output5,5 kW6,5 kW7,5 kW8,5 kW
Depth49 cm49 cm49 cm49 cm
Width46 cm46 cm46 m46 cm
Height158 cm158 cm158 cm158 cm
Weight192 kg192 kg192 kg192 kg
Depth of combustion chamber37 cm37 cm37 cm37 cm
Exhaust gas nozzleØ 15 cmØ 15 cmØ 15 cmØ 15 cm
Air supply nozzleØ 10 cmØ 10 cmØ 10 cmØ 10 cm
Height centre
exhaust gas nozzle
ca. 146,5 cmca. 146,5 cm ca. 146,5 cm ca. 146,5 cm
Height centre air supply nozzleca. 36,0 cmca. 36,0 cm ca. 36,0 cmca. 36,0 cm
Exhaust gas mass flow rate
at nominal heat output
6,9 g/s7,2 g/s7,7 g/s9,5 g/s
Delivery pressue13 Pa13 Pa13 Pa12 Pa
Mean exhaust gas temperature
236°C251 °C261 °C276 °C
CO content (13 % O2)0,004 Vol.-%0,005 Vol.-%0,006 Vol.-%
CO-Content (13 % O2)
49 mg/m³62 mg/m³45 mg/m³815 mg/m³
Dust (13 % O2)19 mg/m³12 mg/m³5 mg/m³37 mg/m³
Efficiency81 %81 %81 %79 %