Bullerjan dot model 2017 – a self-confident statement!

Developing stoves, which are special in their design, form and function, has always been a fundamental principle of Bullerjan.

The Bullerjan dot impresses with its extravagant, individualized design.

The depth and the light lining of the lying combustion chamber creates a particularly impressive flame image. The large viewing window allows a full view of the calm and balanced combustion of the dot.

Technically, this stove exceeds all current requirements – its quality is convincing and sets standards.

Available with equipment sets KLASSIK and DESIGN

The flue gas connection can be made both upwards and backwars

Depth/Width/Height: 69,5 x 66,6 x 102 cm
Weight: 187 kg
Depth of combustion chamber: 37,4 cm
Exhaust gas nozzle – diametre: 15 cm
Height centre exhaust gas nozzle: ca. 85,3 cm
Height centre air supply nozzle: ca. 33,0 cm

 Bullerjan dot
mit Scheitholz
Bullerjan dot
mit Braunkohle
Leistung6 kW6 kW
Tiefe69,5 cm69,5 cm
Breite66,6 cm66,6 cm
Höhe102,0 cm102,0 cm
mit Podest High Cube
187 kg187 kg
Brennraumtiefe52 cm52 cm
AbgasstutzenØ 15 cmØ 15 cm
Höhe Mitte Abgasstutzen85,3 cm85,3 cm
Höhe Mitte Zuluftstutzen33 cm33 cm
Abgasmassenstrom bez. NWL7,5 g/s 7,5 g/s
Förderdruck12 Pa12 Pa
Durchschn. Abgastemp.230 °C230 °C
bez. 13 % O2
0,089 % 0,054 %
bez. 13 % O2
113 mg/Nm³663 mg/Nm³
bez. 13 % O2
28 mg/Nm³38 mg/Nm³
Wirkungsgrad80 %80 %