Statuatory warranty, guarantee and option for the extension of the guarantee

With our brand Bullerjan® we always intend to design and manufacture high-quality stoves and their corresponding accessories. Especially in the selection of materials that are required in the manufacture of stoves and their processing, we meet an above-average standard of quality.

In addition to the statutory warranty the Bullerjan GmbH grants a guarantee on the body of the stove for the period of 2 years.

To extend this warranty for another 3 to overall 5 years, you only have to register your product on our homepage.

Excluded from this warranty are :

  • combustion chamber lining Vermiculite
  • Catalyst
  • wear parts such as sealing materials, glass components, etc.
  • signs of use / damage to paintwork
  • Damage caused by improper installation or improper use of the stove contrary to the requirements in the user manual
  • Limited or malfunction due to local conditions (for example: lack of chimney draft )

In the case of a complaint, please contact the retailer, from whom you purchased your stove, first. If you can not get any help at this point, we suggest to contact us directly. You will get service under: Tel +49 (0) 5136 9775 – 49 or by email: